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Wednesday 3:50 Roger Bason, E3, Inc.

Hydropower Revenues for Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) Clean-Up


Roger Bason, President
Natural Currents for Pennsylvania, LLC
E3, Inc.
24 Roxanne Boulevard
Highland, NY 12528

Dr. Igor Yatskar, Vice-President/Technology Development
E3, Inc.
24 Roxanne Boulevard
Highland, NY 12528


The revenue from hydropower generation captured in water flows from the Jeddo Tunnel near Hazelton, PA is proposed for regional clean up and remediation activities facilitated by the Eastern Middle Anthracite Region Recover, Inc. (EMARR). The Eastern Middle Anthracite Region (EMAR) constitutes four (4) counties: Carbon, Columbia, Luzerne and Schuylkill. The creeks located within EMAR (e.g. the Black Creek, the Nescopeck Creek and others) have been severely contaminated due to Acid Mine Drainage (AMD). Over thirty-four miles of streams and rivers in the EMAR region are impacted by AMD (3,000 miles statewide) that render steams devoid of fish and severely impact aquatic ecology as well as a variety of uses ranging from agriculture, irrigation, real estate values, public health concerns, scenic interest and a full spectrum of recreational activities. The Jeddo Tunnel drains water from EMAR coal fields at rates greater than 40,000 gal-min. With a pH in the range of 4.5 to 5.5, the Jeddo Tunnel is the largest point source of pollution in the Susquehanna River Watershed. While this critical and persistent problem can be solved by a set of known remediation strategies, a key factor is how to pay for the on-going remediation of streams that require constant input of such materials to neutralize rainfall resultant acid waters over time. This project presents a design – build scenario for an initial 100 kW hydroelectric unit using an innovative solution that provides for small hydropower generation from the water flowing from the Tunnel drainage. It presents a model system that can be applied to many impacted areas throughout the state. A preliminary study indicates 24 additional hydro sites within the four county area (Carbon, Columbia, Luzerne, Schuylkill) that represent a potential hydroelectric output of over 2MW or approximately 14,000 MW hours per year.


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Roger Bason, (President of Natural Currents for Pennsylvania, LLC, a subsidiary of E3, Inc.) has directed twelve significant tidal and technology related projects over the past five years. These projects have involved the generation of clean hydro and tidal power using cutting edge In-Stream and Cross Flow technology. In addition, Mr. Bason has worked closely on energy analysis projects for the United Nations Headquarters in Manhattan (2000) and the United States Postal Service (1997-98) in cooperation with NYSERDA. Mr. Bason has also taught tidal power courses at the Center for Energy, Marine Transportation, and Public Policy, School of International and Public Affairs, Columbia University and currently teaches and coordinates an on-going research program at SUNY Maritime College.

Dr. Igor Yatskar, (Vice-President/Technology Development of E3, Inc.) has worked closely with several public utilities in New York, Massachusetts and Florida to provide a wide variety of analytical services including tidal power development, rate evaluations and tidal power systems design. Dr. Yatskar directed the efforts to interpret the relationship between the water speed and the power generation for innovative hydro projects that include Acid Mine Drainage, Waste Water Treatment Plants, rivers, canals and tidal systems. He has accomplished highly sophisticated analyses that present cutting edge interpretations of hydropower analysis into graphical presentations understandable by all.